Friday, 19 March 2021

St Patrick's Day - Nikita

On Wednesday the 17th of March we had St Patrick’s Day, We usually have Mass but because of CV19 we didn’t have our parish come as well. 

After our prayer we went back to our classrooms and waited for morning tea. Before morning tea we got changed into our P.E gear (because we had tabloid sports). When morning tea came we rushed outside as quickly as we could so that we could play volleyball.

 When Morning tea had finished we went to the canopy to get sorted into our groups. We had 10 teams called Donnybrooks, Leprechauns, Emeralds, Shamrocks; there were other teams but I forgot because they were all Irish.

I was Donny Brooks, Angelina's group and Brielle was the deputy captain. Our first activity was Rm 2's. It was like  bowling ball but way smaller the size of a tennis ball but it was a bit heavy though. At first it was easy to aim and get but a few games later our aim was HORRIBLE. But we won anyway, because we got extra points for teamwork. Our next activity was Rm 6’s which was relays. Our first Relay was jumprope all the way to the cone which was not that far away but it was difficult. Once we got to the cone we had to skip 5 times than skip back. After that we had to do kangaroo hop and then we had to sprint back and forth and don’t jump. When it came to the last relay we side slipped all the way there and back.

Our next activity was Three-legged-race where we had to partner up with someone and the first race I partnered up with Patrick and than my next partner was Angelina we stayed partners for 2 games.The first went well and the second on we were walking but when we saw the other team get ahead of us we sprinted and then she fell on the ground and laughed.

After that we lined up and left to Rm7’s game ( my class) which was Golden child with our Ki O Rahi set we got loaned and had to give back that day after borrowing it. The way to play the game is to… Well it’s basically the same way you play Ki O Rahi. With the pou the tupu and te roto and teams kioma and Taniwha. My team was Kioma and we got to be the first to run around the pou tapping them as fast as

we could then run back home while the other team had to try and throw the ki at the tupu which was protected by kaitaki (guardians) from our team. 

After that we went to Rm 1 which was Ms Kyle where we played numbers. The way to play numbers is where you line up in front to of your opponents team and when your teacher or coach call out a random number that amount of people go around the goal and the first one to get to the teacher got the ball (also we had to go opposite ways).And then we played basketball.We got a lot of points and won. Once we had finished we lined up in front of Angelina and went back to the canopy and sat down while Ms. Bullot added up the scores we had ice blocks. 

A few minutes later she said who the 2021 champions were and it was Tyrah’s Team (forgot the name of the team) and there were two teams that were tied and the was emeralds and Desiree’s team (again I forgot). After that we went back to class and had lunch. After lunch we played Kahoot and played some games and colored in. That was the end of my day. I think my favorite game was Golden Child. I can’t wait for next year's St Patrick’s Day.   


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