Monday, 5 August 2019

Smart Relationship qualities.

Today for Cybersmart Mrs Collins was teaching us about smart relationship qualities. This is what we did - we had to make the tallest tower in just 10 minutes and here is the criteria. We had to build x1 free standing tower using 12 Spaghetti sticks and 8 marshmallow pillows.To make the towers we had to get into a group of 3 and in my group I had Mikaela and Jamie.
Each group had to choose 1 quality out of the 22 and our group chose 'interesting.' After morning Tea we came inside and started our towers straight away. When we started I noticed that the sticks weren't strong and the next minute, everything started snapping. So we tried something else but it didn't work either, so we made a triangular tower. It was like a race where you had to build the tallest in just 10 minutes. When we were done the teacher announced the winners and they were another group because their one was 36 cm and our one was 19cm. What a competitive day.

Monday, 29 July 2019

Monday, 1 July 2019

My matariki slide show

During the week me and my class made slide shows about the seven sisters also known as Matariki.
We learnt about Matariki before making it into a slide show and then posting it on the internet.  Matariki fact: The Matariki stars are a constellation that is close to the Earth. Another Fact:people say there are but there are actually a thousand but with a naked eye there are 7. Click on my slide to learn more.

Friday, 31 May 2019

Catholic school's Day

On Tuesday the 27th of May we had Catholic School's Day . Catholic School's Day is a day when St Ignatius, St Pius x and my school came together to do things together and it also means that we are celebrating being schools catholic. We were so excited and when St Ignatius & St Pius X came we were screaming. 

After morning tea we went to mass with the 3 priest; one was from my school which is Fr Andrew and the other Fathers were from St Ignatius and St Pius X parishes. We listened to all the Readings and prayers. We even sang songs.

After that we went back to school and when we got to school we had our lunch. Then St Ignatius had to go back to school so St Pius X was the only school left. When we were playing I made a new friend from St Pius X and her name was Jasmine. So we went and played on the big kids play ground. We are usually not supposed to go on that play ground but on Tuesday we were allowed.

It was raining and so we were not able to play sports. We ran to our class rooms and said good bye to St Pius X. We were able to choose to do a few different activities in the class room and then it it was time to go home. WHAT A FUN DAY! 

Thursday, 23 May 2019

Tika, Pono, Aroha

We have been learning about how Jesus respected the tapu [sacredness] of people like how he spoke to the Samaritan woman at the well and how he healed the leper by acting with tika pono and aroha. These two people were not liked by other people during that time. Samaritans were hated by the Jews and lepers were very sick and had a disease that other people didn't want to get, so they were kept away from their loved ones. Jesus didn't care about what other people said because he knew all people are made in the image of his Father. Jesus shows me and my friends how to act towards others with tika, pono and aroha.
I show aroha (love) when I play with my brothers and my sister, and I show tika when I listen to my mum and dad and I show pono when I always tell the TRUTH.

Tuesday, 14 May 2019

Kindness & Kaitiakitanga

Yesterday for cybersmart we made slides to stop bulling and to help people be kind.  We also watched Oat the goat on the video and there was cards to choose the behaviour of what to do when someone is being bullied. Before we watched the movie we drew a picture of us then we took it to the carpet, when we sat on the carpet we passed our pictures around and around after that we scrunched the other persons picture. After that Mrs Collins asked some of the class how they felt after what had happened to our pictures...some answered sad and some did not know how they felt.  After what happened that showed us that when we say something mean to someone else it leaves a wrinkle but you just don't see. it

Tuesday, 30 April 2019