Friday, 8 May 2020

The mouse inscident

Today While I was doing homework my brother accidently stepped on a mouse and broke the spine and broke both feet and as soon as he told my older cousin and I we didn't believe him until we saw it. After that I ran over and made sure it was ok but it wasn't and I was beginning to cry but the boys were saying that the most humane way to kill it was drowning it but I said no so we tried to treat but while I was looking after it,it stopped breathing then I started to cry alittle but tried not to as soon as I told my cousin and brother we looked for a place to bury it then when we found a place we dug a hole and buried it then added a little memoriel
this is the memoriel.

Thursday, 7 May 2020

Things to do in quarantine

Now as you know quarantine can be a bit boring which is why I have made a list of things to do in quarantine

.walk around your block
.play games
And that's all for today and I hope you had an awsome bye bye!!

Wednesday, 6 May 2020

My homework

                                                    My homework

Today I had homework as usual this is what the whole timetable says:

.homework book
.homework book(again)
.storyline online
.play outside
.blog and comment 

And as you can see it looks very easy but its really difficult here are some pictures

                                                                                       Diary book

doodling book

homework book

Thank you for looking at my homework bye!!

Tuesday, 5 May 2020

Day 4 of quarantine

                            Day 4 of quarantine

Today was the same day as always did. I worked in my homework book as always had a break then wrote in my diary did some doodling with Mo Willems had another break after that worked in my book again had a break at 12:30 did some storyline online after that had another break and now I have to blog and comment. And thats my usual routine bye.

Monday, 4 May 2020

Day 3 of quarantine

Today I learnt how to make piklites(mini pancake)

.half a cup of milk
.half a teaspoon of dyc vinegar(only if you want to use it) 
.1 cup of flour
.2 teaspoons of baking powder
.1/4 baking soda
.3 tablespoons of sugar
.1 egg
.1 table spoon ofmmelted butter


1 mix milk and vinegar set aside to sour

2 sift flour,baking soda and powder,sugar into a bowl

3 add egg to sour milk then whisk it

4 add to flour whisk-no lumps

5 add melted butter stir in

6 rub fry pan with butter heat medium

7 drop tablespoons of batter into hot fry pan

8 when bubbles appaer flip and cook the otherside

And that's how you make a piklete here are some pictures of them.

Friday, 1 May 2020

Day 2 of quarantine

                       Day 2 of Quarantine

This morning I was extremely tired well not extremely tired just tired anyway,it was 8:45 and I got up brushed my teeth got ready and done now I was having breakfast after that I went on my chrome book and again was playing around with my backgrounds but left it like that.

Now it was 9:00 and my brother and I started our homework since our timetable always stayed the same we had starfall which is a game full of activities but we also had a decision if we wanted to do some work from our school pack I obviously  chose the school pack but my brother chose starfall. and we got to have a break while we were on break I just sat there continuing whith my homework while my brother was trying to draw a creepy clown.

It was now 10:00 and  we had to write a diary about our day so I did my brother and I startred on our diaries and he finished befoere my because he rushed his work while I was taking my time.

Now it was 10:45 and we had lunch doodling with Mo Willems it was alot of fun.Now it was 11:15 and we only had break until 11:30 where we got to do starfall or work from your school pack I obviously chose my school pack while my brother obivously chose starfall.

Now we had prep lunch from 12:30-1:00 and the reason why we have to stop at 1:00 is because we get to go onto storyline online where we got to watch stories.

Now it was 1:30 and we got to do yoga or play outside but I decided to grab my book and do some more hame work while my brother was again trying to draw and now the final thing to do was blog about my day and comment on some class blogs which was at 2:00 but since my blogging is going to takde to long I am going to finish at 3:25 which is now thank you for reading my blogs and I hope you have a good day bye!

Thursday, 30 April 2020

Day 1 of quarantine

Hey, guy's welcome back to my blog I hope you are all doing well. Today I woke up 8 o'clock excited and extremely tired but mostly excited I did my routine happier then usually and the reason why I was excited was because my chrome book had arrived yesterday so this morning before I started I was spending some time on my wallpaper's and took a few photos. 

It's 9 o'clock and I started my homework which was good and bad because my brother and I got sent extra homework my favourite book that my school sent me was the homework book that's why every time it says we can do starfall or work on the  school pack I have started to choose the school pack because starfall got a little bit boring.

It was now 9:45 and we were on break so during that time I decided to fiddle with my backgrounds.Now it was 10:00 and I had to write a diary for a amount of time.I was now done with my diary and it was now 10:45 which was doodling with Mo Willems it was quite fun doodling and now it was 11:15 and my brother and I were on break while we were on break I wasn't only fiddling with my backgrounds but also playing with my paper claws I made a few days ago.

And now finally it was 11:30 and we had a decision to make whether we do starfall or work from our school pack and obviously I chose school pack but my little brother chose starfall but he still did some writing in his homework book.

And now we finally had prep lunch. For lunch I had jam toasties while my brother had popcorn.lunch was over and now it was 1:00 where we had my favourite activity storyline online where we got to listen to cool stories after that we had to do some yoga which was fun but only for a few minutes.

Now for the last activity my brother and I had to blog and do some commenting but since my brother wasn't able to blog he only go to comment but had to do more then him because I have to blog and do a comment. Thank you for reading my bye!