Monday, 5 August 2019

Smart Relationship qualities.

Today for Cybersmart Mrs Collins was teaching us about smart relationship qualities. This is what we did - we had to make the tallest tower in just 10 minutes and here is the criteria. We had to build x1 free standing tower using 12 Spaghetti sticks and 8 marshmallow pillows.To make the towers we had to get into a group of 3 and in my group I had Mikaela and Jamie.
Each group had to choose 1 quality out of the 22 and our group chose 'interesting.' After morning Tea we came inside and started our towers straight away. When we started I noticed that the sticks weren't strong and the next minute, everything started snapping. So we tried something else but it didn't work either, so we made a triangular tower. It was like a race where you had to build the tallest in just 10 minutes. When we were done the teacher announced the winners and they were another group because their one was 36 cm and our one was 19cm. What a competitive day.


  1. Kia ora Nikita

    I really liked how you made the marshmallow tower.
    I learnt that you can make amzing matikik slides.
    Maybe you could inpove your spaling beter.
    You have got an amzing school.
    Mā te wā Nikita

  2. thank you rose.

    And no I have never cooked dinner.